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The problem is the "Home Range". Actually, the problem is the home range of modern Americans, now adopted by many nations... Home range is a word coined in 1943 by zoologist WH Hunt who mapped the outer boundary of an animal's movement during the course of its daily activities. Applied to humans who use cars, it refers to the average of 35 miles they drive every day to accomplish the mundane chores of daily life. Driving to work is home range, driving from the office to a meet with a customer is not. For a 10,000 population community, that means a collective home range of over a quarter million miles a day! This is insane, and it creates a whole host of new problems, ranging from pollution and wasteful consumption of limited resources to isolation, alienation, rising crime and illness, economic instability and much more. The answer is to create a home range for 10,000 where all is within a 10-minute walk. It's called a VillageTown. To learn about it, see

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VillageTown Stewards
Posted about 4 years ago
Can you give me one idea that would help to save public education?
If you listen to Sir Ken Robinson's talk on the learning revolution, you may find that your questions need "dis-enthralling". Without seeking to be critical, may we suggest that your questions seem stuck in the system that is the problem. In essence, they seek to tweak a fundamentally flawed system. When the canary dies in the coal mine, it is not because the canary is sick or has reached its normal end of life, it is because the coal mine is toxic. The same holds true with the education system. The system is flawed. So let's look at the bigger picture, dis-enthral ourselves from salary levels, teacher training, unions, disruption, student classifications or personnel questions. These are symptoms. What happens if instead we seek to redefine what zoologists call "the home range"? The home range is a concept coined by WH Hunt in 1943 when he mapped out the boundary of a pack of animal's movement during the course of its daily activity. When applied to a community of 10,000 people whose home range is extended by cars, that community drives over a quarter million miles a day! It is that car-based home range that mutilates education. It also pollutes, destroys quality of life, isolates young & old, wastes precious resources & time. What happens if instead, we begin to build communities of 10,000 around a strong local economy whose purpose is to enable its citizens and youth to enjoy "a good life", understood as the social pursuits of conviviality, citizenship, artistic, intellectual and spiritual growth? What happens if we build a cosmopolitan town centre surrounded by say 20 villages and an industrial park, where the home range is half a mile... no cars within, everything within a 10-minute walk. And then, on each village plaza, we build the classrooms, so students study surrounded by working adults - not only the role model of their teacher, but thousands of adults. They eat in the cafes with adults. They participate in life. To learn more see