4 ABC 为了更好的中国

Beijng, China

About 4 ABC


4 ABC is the abbreviation of For A Better China.



Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

Story Teller, Cross Cultural Communications, Spreading Smiles + Love + Hope

An idea worth spreading

I believe that the power of truth can make a better China, and I believe there are thousands of ways to make the change happen in China.

I'm passionate about

Travel, Sports, Reading, Thinking, Communicating, Writing, and Listening to music.

Talk to me about

Your innovative ideas on how to reach the silent majority who have been enthralled, intimidated, isolated and exploited for generations in a tyrannical society.如何接触到世世代代被奴役、恐吓、隔离和盘剥的沉默的大多数?请分享你的创意。

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4 ABC 为了更好的中国
Posted over 3 years ago
What book would you recommend to your fellow TEDsters?
Matthieu, Thank you for starting the conversation, please extend it for as long as possible. 1984 - George Orwell, And Quiet Flows the Don - Michail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov, To Live - Yu, Hua Brothers - Yu, Hua Soul Mountain - Gao, Xingjian One Man's Bible - Gao, Xingjian A Personal Odyssey - Thomas Sowell 随想录-巴金, 墓碑-杨继绳, 活着 - 余华, 兄弟 - 余华, 灵山 - 高行健, 一个人的圣经 - 高行健,