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Owner, SoBe Furnished
Miami, FL, United States

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MY June…
​The purpose of MY June is to make myself a better person in every way that I can, in an attempt to become a truly notable individual. Starting at this point, which in my eyes, will be known as ‘ground zero’, I want to continually improve upon myself exponentially. In most areas of my development I will have set, quantifiable goals that will be adjusted as time goes on. The end product however will not be at any point a set goal. The belief system set in place as the foundation of MY June is meant to be the start on a life long path of perpetual self improvement.
​From this moment on, the Torren Lee of today will always be greater than the Torren Lee of yesterday.
​In this cycle of self improvement I will never feel I am not good enough, I will simply always acknowledge the fact that every moment, in every way, I, as a person, can always be better.
​I will not stop
​Until my good is better
​And my better is best
Torren Lee



Areas of Expertise

Fitness & Training, Inspirational Leader, Network

An idea worth spreading

KINDNESS. What an idea. Selfless day to day acts. Holding doors, greeting strangers, helping a friend who didn't ask. These are all acts that do not have to cost us a thing. A simple act of kindness is a hard thing to forget. Look back on just the past three days of your life. In those three days try to think of a small bit of kindness that was either shared with you, or by you. That memory will more than likely be as crisp as a memory you have from childhood. The only difference is, as a child we value kindness. We value every aspect of it so the memory stays with us. As adults, in the society in which we Americans live, we no longer value this simple idea. Try to imagine the difference it would make in your life if you enjoyed being kind to others just for the sake of it . If when someone was kind to you now, it meant as much as it did as a child... Take action. Make a difference.

I'm passionate about

Learning (when you stop, you die) - Personal Philosophy (without one, what are you) - Fitness (faster, stronger) - Self Improvement (every day in every way) - Demanding More (until my better is best)

Talk to me about

Anything. Anything at all. I show no prejudice to ideas.

People don't know I'm good at

Adapting... Growing up I was forced to move and change schools regularly. While as a child I hated, as an adult I love it. Any situation, any location, I adapt.

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Torren Lee
Posted about 3 years ago
Graham Hill: Why I'm a weekday vegetarian
Reading these comments, I have come to the conclusion that most of the people who have commented on this talk do not understand the purpose of TED. Nine out of ten of these comments is aimed at putting another's opinion down. It would be nice to see a thread that wasn't so negative.