Mireille Chéry

President & Founder, F.I.S.H. Corporation Foundation
Montreal Quebec, Canada

About Mireille


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Event Planning & Production, Philanthrophy, Entrepreneur

An idea worth spreading

Build and/or purchase buildings to provide a roof and a bed for all people in need internationally.

I'm passionate about

GOD. Helping others. Creativity. Sharing. Travelling. LOVE. Success. Seeing the good in people. Healthy life style. Wisdom. Humility. Compassion. Virtue. Excellence. Great values. FAITH.

Talk to me about

GOD. You, and what did you do, to help someone else. Arts, travelling and gastronomy. The sublime design of a Bentley and a Rolls Royce.

People don't know I'm good at

Praying. Changing myself. Bringing people together.

My TED story

Contribute to the philosophy of TED, advancing in a direction to help someone else. Contribute to help our planet to become stronger, healthier. Contribute to end poverty.

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Comments & conversations

Mireille Chéry
Posted about 3 years ago
If someone you knew was a pathological truth-teller; how would you react to this person?
Who knowse the truth ? What can be true for me, it not necessarely the truth for someone else ! For the purpose of this discussion, I will start by saying : Ouff, a bit rough to be a "pathalogical truth teller or a pathalogical-liar". I believe in telling the truth all the way, so you don't have to remember, what you told this person last time, and keep the lie going on, you can become mentally ill...to much to process, unhealthy etc. It's all depends on how you tell the truth. If this pathalogical truth teller you talking about, is more of a person that consciously hurt other people feelings, for his or her own purpose of feeling better about his or herself, who need these people...they can eat grass, as far that I know! On the other hand, if you are telling me truth to help me grow, change for the best of whom I can become, I can deal with it better...furthermore, this pathalogical truth teller, has to be able, to listen the truth about him or herself to, it as to be a two ways streets. I you want to tell ME my truths, you better be able to ear YOUR truths from me! It's a give and take situation here!! At the end, it's all about a good dosage in everything, and also, if you can send it, you better be able to receive it!!
Mireille Chéry
Posted about 3 years ago
What IF planet earth was just : One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language ?
CLOSING @ : To all Firstly, thank you to each of you for taking the time to put your opinions, suggestions, ideas, solution to this debates. For the persons I did not reply, it's not that your points wasn't good, I did want to see how many real debaters will actually answered, and by not having me replying to all gave to this debate, close to 70 "real" person with new ideas, refreshing points of views for all to read. Thanks for your understanding. We all agreed that the differences on our planet earth, have great importance in our lives, mind, spirit and heart...this is why this planet its so great : our differences make us grow, learn, teach, educate, understanding, curious etc., also, we do agree that at times, our differences, can bring the worst of humanity : wars, prejudice etc. Furthermore, we all agree that part of the solutions is : education, acceptance, respect, understanding, love and embracing the differences of GOD offers us "for those whom believe in GOD! Now, each country on this planet is in a way, the same : religion, race, language, colored etc., if we put it in the context of the debate, even, within ones country, there is war, violence etc, and they all are of the same nations, so why, there is so much prejudice and hate ? One can only imagine, IF planet earth was all of the same, it would be catastrophic. Unless, WE as individual decide to do the change within ourselves to : accept, respect, embrace, understand the other cultures, views, opinions etc., even if you don't agreed with it, the importance is to give the liberty of expression, creativity, to take roots and live. It doesn't matter if you are Jewish, Afro-American-African-Haitian, Asian, American...or any of the other, Nations, because : Courage, strenght, joy, peace, love, etc., these are universal language, that everyone communicate, without having to be of the same race, religion, color. Change is within us to do, to embrace each other differences. Thanks to all.