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Hillsboro, OR, United States

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anna fort
Posted about 4 years ago
LIVE CHAT With Kevin Carroll: Can a ball save a life & change the world? What are the social innovation values of sports? June 15, 4-5PM EDT
Kevin! I had several opportunities to interact with you and hear you speak while I worked at Nike a few years back… I've followed you on LinkedIn, blogs, etc. over the years… you never cease to inspire me with your new thoughts on things! Thanks! I have a picture of the "red rubber ball" hanging up always here at my work station - reminding me to play! (among other things!) I've been through some tough things with my husband's addiction and recovery, raising teen agers, etc… the past year or so, I'm just wondering - is there one or two practical things I can do/say to instill the "always look for innovation" "don't forget to play" "look on the bright side" sort of thing with my family that is not cliché? How do I make innovation & inspiration a way of life instead of a one-time thing?