Karen Labsan

Executive Team Member, Council of Organizations of the Ateneo
Quezon City, Philippines

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I am Karen, a nightowlpseudowriteraintnohollabackgirl, the love child of an elegiacfolkrocklovesong and an indiepopteenageanthem.


English, Filipino

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Change the world one act of love-driven enthusiasm at a time. ♥

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Passion. Love. Feminism. Creativity. Writing. New media. Social media. Humanism. Sociology. Poetry. Coffee. Marketing. And some more...

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Anything and everything interesting and silly...

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Still in progress.

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Karen Labsan
Posted about 4 years ago
What are 10 things YOU know to be true?
1. For every part of you that's scared, there's an equal part of you that's brave. (It's just there, waiting to be unveiled.) 2. Poetry is about feelings. 3. James Dean is a god. 4. Not only writing is a skill, it can also be a 'need' for some people. 5. It's hard to overcome the initial lack of care to know people you already have the impression to be so different from you but it's definitely not impossible to. 6. Neruda wrote the sweetest lines. 7. Pets are lovely. 8. When in doubt, don't doubt. 9. A hug works a lot like laughter. 10. Everybody wants and needs love.
Karen Labsan
Posted about 4 years ago
Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ...
What an inspirational talk! She's still young herself but already teaching and sharing her passion with a passion that is very much felt in her words. I love what she said about spoken word poetry providing for an instant connection... I felt that!