Shawn James Jr.

intern, TED
Philadelphia, PA, United States

About Shawn


I describe myself as someone who is down-to-earth and prefers things to be simple and straightforward. I might say that it just makes life easier if things don't change unnecessarily, and that I think tradition is more important than others do.
I describe myself as someone who is random and fun to be around but that I can plan and persist when life requires it. It appears that depending on the situation, I can make quick decisions or deliberate for longer if necessary.
I describe myself as someone who is constantly energetic, exuberant and active. I describe myself as someone who aims to be the centre of attention at social occasions, asserts myself when in groups, and I usually say, "Yes!”
I describe myself as someone who is willing to make difficult decisions when necessary, and will point out when something is wrong no matter what other people might feel. I suggest that I would say that I can be tough and uncompromising.
I describe myself as someone who is generally calm. I come across as someone who can feel emotional or stressed out by some experiences; however my feelings tend to be warranted by the situation.



Areas of Expertise

Theatre, Public Speaking, Advice Giving

An idea worth spreading

An idea worth spreading in my opinion would have to be the idea to end bullying. It has been something that has gone on for years and years. People loo at it and say, “Well, it’s life and it happens to everyone”. My question is does that make it right? Yes, it has gone on for years and people like myself were unfortunately product of a child being bullied. My life has been effected tremendously by it and I was lucky to be one of the few people who didn’t kill themselves. I just believe that it is a big topic that people need to look more into it and see what comes out of it.

I'm passionate about

Life, Learning new things, Theatre, Television, Media, and Technology

Talk to me about

Talk to me about that issues that homosexuals face. Talk to me about the abuse children face from their parents and the neglect that they get. Talk to me about why people are so close minded.

People don't know I'm good at

I think people don’t know that I can work alone very well, and I say that because I love to be around people and often grabs attention from others. My personality is a little out there if you ask me.

My TED story

My name is Shawn James, Jr., and I just graduated high school on June 6, 2011. I will be attending Clarion University in the fall as a Broadcast Communications Major with a second concentration in Theatre. I found out about TED through my youth leadership program and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to be an intern for TED.Com for the summer and hopefully for summers to come. I was very new to TED coming in and didn’t now much about it and had never seen anything like it before. As I’m sure other would say after my first TED Talk I caught the bug and fell in love with it. I am anxious about the upcoming weeks as I continue to Intern for the summer and can’t wait to see what will come out of this great opportunity.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Shawn James Jr.
Posted almost 4 years ago
"WHY is the patient the most under-used resource in healthcare?? How did that happen?" (Follow-up to LIVE TED Conversation July 27)
I also feel like people don't trust their doctors nowadays because of all of the medical mistakes you hear. Then you have to look at it this way we have better technology today than we did 100yrs ago. With all the new ways to find thing out people don’t have to go to the doctors to find out a prognosis; you can look on the internet and find out yourself. So doctors might also feel like “Well, you came to me to find out something you could have found out yourself on the internet” With that thought they feel like I have no reason to listen to you because you came to me for the help and I didn’t come to you.
Shawn James Jr.
Posted almost 4 years ago
"WHY is the patient the most under-used resource in healthcare?? How did that happen?" (Follow-up to LIVE TED Conversation July 27)
I believe that the patient is the most under-used resource in healthcare because doctors and other health professionals maybe believe that we (the patients) don’t know anything about medicine or different healthcare problems. It’s a sense of I have the degree that says this is what I studied and you don’t so there is no way you could know anything about this kind of thing.