About Matej


While studying computer science I worked as a tour guide and promoter, joined IBM in 2001 and spent most of the time in IBM Software Sales and Channel development in CEE region. Caught TED bug in 2007, organized 7 TEDx events in 2009-2011 and finished MBA in 2010. Ardent KIVA.org lender.

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2011

Areas of Expertise

Running, Sales & Biz Dev, IBM Software, marathon

I'm passionate about

Having blog lunches with people and getting to know them, finding real deeper meaning, purpose and passion in what everyone really feels they are here to do

Talk to me about

Serendipity, Mobilizing Cognitive Surplus, Bloglunch, Meditation and detachment, Kiva.org, MBA Oath, sustainability

People don't know I'm good at

Meditation and detachment

My TED story

Got addicted to TED Talks in 2007, joined TEDxLjubljana in 2009 and here I am.

Favorite talks