Luc Lewitanski

Student, New York University - Gallatin School of Individualized Study
New York, NY, United States

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I'm interested in the disruptive power of technology.


English, French, German, Spanish

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Music, Computing, Intellectual Property, Copyright Reform

I'm passionate about

Intellectual Property Reform, Activism, Keynesianism, Empathy...

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Luc Lewitanski
Posted over 1 year ago
Is America past its prime? DISCUSS WITH Robert Gordon and Erik Brynjolfsson in a LIVE DEBATE, Thursday at 4pm Eastern.
Mr. Brynjolfsson, while I do agree that working with the machines is the success to being productive while retaining jobs (as Toyota's success has demonstrated), what new areas do you believe are created by the creative destruction of this process? In other words, where will the displacement of low-skill workers end up, and what skill set should they be trained towards?