Sadee Whip

CEO and Founder, SuperNatural Energy, LLC
Seattle, WA, United States

About Sadee


Sadee Whip is CEO and Founder of SuperNatural Energy, LLC. and creator of SuperNatural Energy Balls - a raw, organic superfood supplement that looks and tastes like a chocolate truffle. SuperNatural Energy Balls promote vitality, weight loss, improved mood, stamina, and so much more.

Sadee is a respected BodyMind expert, writer, speaker, and inspirational figure whose mission it is to help people upgrade their notions of self to a more dimensional, joyous, and connected expression of their true beauty.

Sadee lives in Seattle, WA and loves everywhere.

I'm passionate about

Growing big enough to accommodate all that we are. Upgrading from self to citizen. Engaging the Source. Non-enlightenment. Love.

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Hunger, human technology, applied dynamic intelligence, health, BIG visions.

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Sadee Whip
Posted about 3 years ago
Probiotics, like yogurt, are known to support healthy gut microbes. How could we apply this idea support a healthy house, subway, or office?
I have an idea for hunger relief that uses probiotics in a way that treats hunger, disease, and soil health all in one package - like for water purification, home health, and also in food that acts as "medicine" for region-specific pathogens. I have not yet found research in this area to inform how to move forward. Any resources you can share that would help me get more direction? (Like who knows about water purification with probiotics? Food probiotics and combating specific pathogens? Also, probiotics that can be embedded in biodegradable packaging that then nourishes the soil) Any ideas? Who do you know of who is already doing these things? I believe probiotics are the wave of the future. Seriously. Such an exciting field you are in!! Thank you for any help and all the best!