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A childhood trip to the Galápagos Islands sparked Ana Gabela's interest in ornithology. After completing her studies at Davidson College, she returned to the island in 2004 with a team of researchers to study the beak morphology of Darwin's finches. she stayed for two years conducting a study of the human impact on the birds of the Galápagos Islands.

Gabela lives and works in Hawaii, where she is the state Avian Disease and Surveillance Coordinator. She surveys avian influenza and west Nile virus, both of which pose a threat to the few species of native birds on the island. She hopes to returns to the Galápagos Islands to work as part of the conservation effort. Gabela was born in Quito, Ecuador to Chilean parents.


English, Spanish


  • Davidson College; Biology, 1998 - 2002
  • University of Massachusetts; Zoology, 2004 - 2007

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High School Science Teacher -Biology and Environmental Science

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