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Wendell, NC, United States

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Wayne Upchurch
Posted about 3 years ago
LIVE CHAT With Damon Horowitz: When have you realized that you were wrong about what you once thought was right? June 8, 2011, 5-6PM EDT
Another humility-generating moment that linked up with some previous thoughts and experiences came when a new relationship generated a conversation in which my new sweetheart said to me, "Oooohh.. I see.. YOU think that you're one of the Good Guys!" I have to say that led to a shift in my thinking, if not my underlying beliefs; it was another step toward realizing that, while we are valuable parts of the whole of humanity/life, I am sometimes being a "good guy", sometimes choosing to be a "bad guy", but really am neither one, intrinsically. It's my conscious choices that have the consequences and have social or moral "value", and then, only as a result. That really took the wind out of the sails of my ego self, and helped me be more aware of when I'm living out a kind of self-righteousness.