John Caddell

Camp Hill, PA, United States

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For more than twenty years, I worked for companies in the telecom industry, developing, marketing and implementing complex IT solutions. From 2000-2006, I was a corporate officer, fulfilling senior executive roles in sales, P&L management, product development and strategic marketing.
Now I work with companies to deliver highly creative solutions related to attracting and retaining customers, partnerships & alliances, and new product development for startups and established companies worldwide. I curate a site called The Mistake Bank (, which collects first-person stories of business mistakes, and scholarly and other writing on learning from mistakes.

An idea worth spreading

Every professional should do a daily 5-minute journal and review it quarterly, to inventory accomplishments and seek patterns in mistakes made.

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John Caddell
Posted about 4 years ago
LIVE CHAT With Damon Horowitz: When have you realized that you were wrong about what you once thought was right? June 8, 2011, 5-6PM EDT
Over the last five years, I have learned that I was wrong about being wrong. In my younger days, my aim was to go undefeated--to have every answer, to tackle every problem, to not make any mistakes. Of course, this is an impossible, stressful life--because you can't not make mistakes. When I did made a mistake, I attributed it to factors out of my control, or blamed someone else, or took issue with whether there had even been a mistake at all. This activity was challenging and time-consuming... and impeded my performance. I probably wouldn't have realized this but for an involuntary career change that led to months of reflection and a realization that my running from mistakes was the single biggest thing impeding my personal and professional development. I've been studying mistakes in business for several years now... & have a site called The Mistake Bank ( ) where I collect first-person business mistake stories, mine included. This effort has been one of the most rewarding chapters of my professional career. I still get nervous when I make a mistake, but at least now I know I have a lot of company--the entire human race. Thanks, John