Tina Madan

Long Beach, CA, United States

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Tina Madan
Posted almost 4 years ago
What is your greatest passion and how have you been able to develop and sustain it?
My greatest passion is to work with tigers. I would love to tell anyone and everyone who asks me why I am so passionate about tigers, but I wouldn't be able to tell them. I'm drawn to them. Every time I see a tiger picture or anything I have to drop anything to look at it, to think about it, to want to do whatever I can to save it. I've always wanted to be a veterinarian, ever since I was a little girl. Over the years I decided I wanted to be a wildlife vet so that I could work alongside the glory that is a tiger. Right now I'm in the process of making my biggest and most important dream come true and I know that nothing can possibly stop me from attaining it. Sometimes I wish I could explain it, even to myself. I even think that I shouldn't have to explain myself if it's something I'm so entranced by and something I can't imagine myself living without. But when it comes right down to it, I can't help but say that tigers and I were meant to be together. I was in my college bookstore a few months ago and I came across so many different wildlife books and tiger books (even a textbook all on new tiger research and conservation!) and I ended up spending hours in the store just browsing the books. It got to a point where I felt that somehow, somewhere, SOMEONE, or someTHING, was telling me that working with tigers was my sole passion. That tigers are just as passionate about me as I am about them. That may sound bizarre, but like I said, I can't explain it. I was once asked to explain it for a class project and I felt it was so vague but SO true and I wish I could put into words how incredible it would be to be involved with such magnificence and to save these animals. There is not one thing that repels me from these creatures. Not even the fact that they could easily tear my being into shreds...which may add a little bit more to the thrill behind the passion I've had within me for as long as I can remember.