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I am known for bringing a discerning view on the synergy between ecology, productivity and innovation. I have a knack for foreseeing opportunity, bringing seemingly disparate threads together to develop system solutions. My experience spans five continents working with businesses, large and small, academia, professional institutes and associations and government. My consulting career focuses on developing practical solutions to sustainability issues, from strategy to implementation. I have also been involved in the commercialization of innovative technologies in start-up companies. I have authored several books, guides and over 50 published articles in journals around the globe. I was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society (RSA) in 2001 for her innovation of the EnviroReady Report. This is a verification approach for ISO 14001 using professional accountants, which is described as option 3 in ISO 1400:2004.

I enjoy working with thinking people who are ready to dare conventionality and complacency surrounding current technology and management approaches to do better with less.



Areas of Expertise

Synergist - confluence management, Eco-inventor and innovator, negotiation/facilitation, green productivity, small business and sustainability, green procurement, Writer/Editor

An idea worth spreading

Ecological literacy is uncommon. Mapping one's points of impact can show where up to 80% of our inefficiencies are with current technology. Good housekeeping can reduce these challenges by half. Can you imagine a tool to move Biomimmicry into the hands of small business where innovation can be accelerated...

I'm passionate about

Helping businesses large and small excel at doing better with less by emulating nature and understanding our inherent contract with nature, and iIlluminating policy makers and shakers to this process.

Comments & conversations

Lynn Johannson
Posted about 4 years ago
LIVE CHAT with Mike Matas: Monday, May 2nd, 1PM-2:30PM EST *UPDATE: Extended through May 6th*
It's not what it is, it's how it will be used to address eco-illiteracy Conversation: I think this app, book, whatever you want to call it has a great potential to address a core problem that underlines inaction on the environment. The majority of the population, in industry, government, NGOs, the public do not have the basics in understanding what they have or do that impacts the planet. In Canada alone a 1% shift in behavior change in small business alone could mean $2 billion savings. This is not 'tree-hugging', this is about optimizing processes, products and services - it's about greening our collective productivity. Will your collaboration foster materials that are well written, factual, technically correct. Can it be used to enhance literacy, not just in schools, but as part of a life learning situation? I certainly think it will make it fun - and fun can be dangerously close to the opportunity to be positive and productive. Mike, did you consider the life cycle costs of using this technology over paper? I am particularly interested in how it can optimize learning in small business, to help them go green. Can it actually reduce time and optimize learning? What are the costs? How soon will the product be ready to use?