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Armchair linguist. Skeptic. Atheist. Punk rocker, Rapper, Scrabble lover, Sci-fi Nerd.

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Maybe we could all try to be just a little bit nicer, especially to people we can't stand.

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Bickerton, Pinker, McWhorter, Everett.

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naw, they know.

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jesse markus
Posted almost 2 years ago
What are the educational implications of holding on to objective truth in a culture that values relativistic truth?
Since when are we living in a culture that values relativistic truth? Did I miss the memo that the constructivists and postmodernists had taken over? Please. You can bounce these silly ideas around in philosophy class all you want, but this absurd, fanciful, anything-goes approach will never have the strength, status, and explanatory power of science based on empirical evidence. You can believe in a flat earth or a young earth all you want to, but mere belief doesn't make it true. This ridiculous notion (based on a dumbed-down, New Agey misinterpretation of quantum physics) that we as observers create our own reality is a perverse way of blaming victims for their own misfortune. I've had it with postmodernism, cultural relativism, social constructivism. I'll be happy when these senseless ideas - based on political ideology rather than evidence - are cast once and for all into history's trashcan.
jesse markus
Posted over 3 years ago
Rick Warren: A life of purpose
It's one thing to believe in a god. But then how do you pick from all the available religions? How do you know which is the right one? It's amusing to imagine Christians, Jews and Muslims getting punished by Odin and Thor when they die.