Reinna Oov

Year 9 Art Student
Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Brunei

About Reinna


I'm Reinna Oov. I'm 14 years old and I'm a year 9 Art student. I love to draw , paint , sketch , sing , read , listen to songs and many more. My ambition is to be Psychologist or Fashion Designer or Traveler. Also , I'm a devoted Christian =)


English, French, Japanese, Malay

Areas of Expertise

English language, psychology, psychology - personal development, Art - Creativity, Art Design, science - humanities convergence, Singing for fun, Singing performance, Christianity, religion and spirituality

I'm passionate about

My passion is GOD , Psychology , Fashion , Music and a lot stuffs. Life too.

Talk to me about

Anything that is appropriate.

People don't know I'm good at

Singing , advising , designing clothes , creating songs and many more.

My TED story

I don't know how to say this but...I do have a lot of experiences as well. As a young girl , I already know what is death , life , pain , healing and staying strong. I'll try to continue it if I can and I'd like to share some of these from a ex-best friend of mine : Ian Wing. :-
Expression of love
Love is a feeling that we experience in so many different ways toward various people. Love is the ultimate expression of our divinity. It is a way of showing tenderness to our children. Passion to our lover. Love is an emotion that hold the power to heal and strengthen the physical and emotional body.
There have been times that I have expressed deep love and have been hurt. I have never regretted showing love, however, there is a certain level of expectation that it will be reciprocated by the beloved. I have also found love to be the foundation to allow relationships and people to blossom. Just spending time in nature brings me the feeling of overwhelming love and sacredness.

Comments & conversations

Reinna Oov
Posted about 4 years ago
Can Love Change the World? ♥
Hello , I'm new here and I'm a underage kid but I'm interested in stuffs like this and My opinion is Love can change the world into a better place because if we know what is love and have a heart for people and when people got inspired by us , they would most likely to change. Okay. I don't know how to explain :/ but I hope you're fine with this. Have a nice day! :D
Reinna Oov
Posted about 4 years ago
What is love? Should the morals/values of life be revolved around spreading and teaching the ideas surrounding love?
Okay. I'm new here and I'm just a 14 years old kid so please understand my comments. This is how love feels like for me. i wanna let the world know what is love actually i feel this before. i feel this for someone and someone feel this way for me before i have complicated story. but my love is simple. To me , When you love someone. He can change you he teach you what is true love if you love someone , you wouldn't care if he likes you or hate you you wouldn't care if he's in different religion or different race you would love the way he is whether it is bad or good you will care for his feelings you will try to protect him you will be honest with him it's not about being obssesed with him or not it's about wanting to provide him a good background in the future it's about wanting to give th best to him. love is humble. and you'll want to make him happy even just for awhile love is sacrificing. Loving someone you love is like he's one part of your self and losing him is like losing another part of your self. Thank you for reading =D