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Pong Leung
Posted over 3 years ago
How do we create meaningful yet affordable changes to prepare our students for future collaboration with those in China, India, etc.?
Very easy. It is just like how i got through my life in the US in the last 4 yrs. Just learn the language and the culture,listen to their music, ask yourself what they like and what their pop culture is , know the popular people , watch their tv programs and movies, know what they like to eat and drink. Btw, while the american media may report tons of news about Chinese politics, economy and human right issues, the fact is most of the people are just living their lives and not very interested in that, which means you cant start off a conversation with people by those "big" topics.Just like it is easier to start off a conversation about football with an american than a conversation about US politics. Of course, if you need to make friends with professionals , deeper things are surely needed,LOL.