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Phlebotomist, Kaiser Permanente
Windsor, CA, United States

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Quantum Leaps In Service “What If” Model: --- --- ---C/O Peter Jesella 707 838-9841

30 years ago I learned of a groundbreaking innovative proposal/Model/New Institution in the U.S Congress that would have cost-effectively empowered individuals to learn about the many different ways individuals could serve their community, serve their nation. This would have provided a Quantum Leap in Service, but I have been unable to motivate U.S. Institutions (with instructions) and national leaders to model this “What If” proposal with the nuance complex cultural reality of our nations decision making results since then, and well into the future trends, outcomes of this nations progress towards strengthening and maintaining the middle class foundation of our constitutional democratic-republic.

Every year for 30 years I have said “What If” this happened next year, how would this empower the 3 million (??) teenage youth each year to turn on, see their light of empowerment, and slowly consider the pros and cons of volunteering for some form of well organized, structural institutionalized, sweat-equity civic engagement.

“What If” this experimental Model were to be analyzed by members of the Independent Sector, and its ability to empower the youth of this nation, could then both citizens, non-profit institutions, the business community, government representatives have a better understanding of merits of debating the reality of this possible Common Sense Federal Law.

This “What If” Model would have challenged youth over the course of one year between the age of 17 and 18 to reflect on, carry on discourse with their families, friends, peers, and more formal organizational settings the merits of civic engagement and voluntary contracted service with such institutions as the Peace Corps, Americorps, Teach for America, Public Health Corps, and of course military service be it in the Coast Guard, Army, Navy or Air Force etc.

At 18 require a simple individual response of yes, no or maybe (deferring decision until age 23 for a variety of reasons). This one year, but year-after-year Model-New Institution for a few million dollars could have effectively challenge each generation of new voting age citizens to be empowered to learn who they want to be, and given a variety of chances to discover through contracted service the empowering spirit that others could help bring into their reality, into their path in life.

Every year for 30 years I have said “What If” this happened next year, how would this empower the 3 million (??) teenage youth each year to turn on, see their light of empowerment, and slowly consider the pros and cons of volunteering for some form of well organized, structural institutional, sweat-equity engagement.

I also realize that this “nation wide” year after year wake-up call needs very real national debate over the merits of this educational thinking process and additional anxiety this would produce in each individuals movement towards their future careers.

That many would not sign up to participate, that many would not spend much time thinking about these choices, and that many would not reply at age 18, but “What If” I am wrong.
“What If” over the course of a few years, the numbers of those youth participants challenged increased from 10% to 20% to 40%, and maybe with surprise in year 3 it reaches 50% and after 10 years it levels out at 80% and remains above 50% and at times much higher.

Can this “What If” be explored as a reality for this nation, for democratic nations on this planet? As one empowering individual I again ask the Hosts and future Guests to please comment on this challenge to U.S. institutions like the Independent Sector, Congressional Budget Office, GAO, and various academic and professional think tanks that do these things year-after-year. Peter Jesella – 136 Courtyards East, Windsor CA 95492; 707 838-9841
I hope Service Jam Hosts for “Quantum Leaps in Service” Vice President , Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM Stan S. Litow; President & CEO, Council on Foundations, Steve Gunderson; and President & CEO John Bridgeland could go on record in written comments towards the merits of requesting the Independent Sector to create a “What If” report on this model for empowering individuals? That special guests like Momo Mahadav, Randy MacDonald, Harris Wofford, and Neil Bush could also add their thoughts towards encouraging U.S. institutions to consider this “What If” model.
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Phlebotomy, Clinical Philosophy, Behavioral Science

An idea worth spreading

Back in 1979 when I learned of this House of Representatives bill to replace the Selective Service System with a volunteer National Youth Service System, I realized my 6 year model of a 1930’s Civilian Conservation Corps focused on energy efficiency, could become a real debate in the U.S. Congress. I was wrong.
It seems both liberals & conservatives could agree that this year-after-year national wake-up call was not needed, nor the need for a Youth Energy Efficiency Corps. 30-years later it still is a mystery.
Chris Anderson’s talk at Harvard reflects one of the outcomes, creating a Science of Self-Sufficient Housing, both for U.S. and global housing conditions. Energy Corps then would have 30 years of research to build on for today, and tomorrow. When will this Happen?
What is so scary, un-American to have youth registrar at 17, debate the merits of voluntary contracted community & military service for 1 year, and at 18 simple reply of No, Yes or Maybe?
Less talk more action!

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Replacing Selective Service

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Photo encounters, but no replies towards inpact of National Youth Service System, Why? Want to create Wikipedia/E-bay website of Who's Who's Wash D.C. on this topic, volunteer replies or cash bribs!

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Drawing blood. Having a dream worth living for even if it is alone.

My TED story

I have no TED story. I have lots of photo encounters with TED speakers, members, but no conversation to better understand why this 30-year old idea seems to remain a fantasy rather then a viable solution for participatory democracy. What I call Educational {decesion-making} Democracy & Conatructive {sweat-equity} Citizenship & National {economic-individual} Security

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Peter Jesella
Posted over 3 years ago
Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis
#3 TED talks watched. I have a wonderful picture of me with Senator Al Gore from 92 or 93 both of us holding his book Earth in the Balance, gave him info on 1980 proposals for a Youth Energy Efficiency Corps, as a part of a volunteer National Youth Service System that would have replaced the Selective Service System. About 1.5 years later I got a nice one page letter from Vice-President Al Gore thanking me letter to the Clinton White House staff on the need for a real debate in the nation, in the Congress over the merits of this 1979 House of Representatives bill to replace the SSS. It's core idea was to have both males and females debate between 17 and 18 the merits of participatory democracy, year after year, towards volunteering for contracted community or military service, including a Youth Energy Efficiency Corps. He indicated he would take my concerns, and perspective under advice, but here we are 2011 with little if nothing done. Even this tape is from 3 years ago and citizen action is to complain with little regarding for what I call Constructive {sweat-equity} Citizenship, Educational {decision-making} Democracy and National {economic-individual} Security. I truly find this process of human communication being a one way street, with little dialogue; another mystery of life regarding human nature, human egos.
Peter Jesella
Posted over 3 years ago
Cameron Sinclair: The refugees of boom-and-bust
2nd TED Talk watched reality is getting to real, but reflects my simple motto: “Life is Strange, but People are Stranger”. I think a fair labor law has to have some basic level of standards that are global and balanced with conditions in each country. I think the economics of profits is an important driving factor in these conditions, in which people are not humans let alone individuals but commodities. At a deeper level though it is mangers that see this decision-making process as a game of life with the goal being the completing of a project for the least amount of cost, even if the cost is human life. They probably rationalize this by the fact that probably 1 out of 10, or is it 1 out of 100 applies for these jobs with the dreams of working for better conditions for their families, with the choice being without work, joining the 9 or 99 others that are not given even a chance to prove themselves.
Peter Jesella
Posted over 3 years ago
Amit Sood: Building a museum of museums on the web
Wow, my 1st TED Talk watched from home computer, very powerful, but what I call for me now, an interesting distraction. I could spend years exploring all these splendors of art work, but I want to see a museum, science, technology, wiki site focused on the Science of Self-Sufficient Housing. Readers please help me understand what is available now that comes close to representing ways for individual families to design their living environments for more improved self-sufficient shelters from the storms & economic challenges of living! Back in 1980, NASA at AMES Research had such a project cancelled by the Reagan Administration, and I keep getting silence to why not now? The goal to make it self-sufficent regarding to some energy, some water, some food, and human waste for U.S. housing standards and challenge to housing industry. Makes me feel we have been asleep at the wheeel.