Mario Semialjac

Presales consultant, SAP
Zagreb, Croatia

About Mario


IT, Presales 10 years or so. Business & Economy educational bacground. Hindered in development (personal, professional ... you name it) by war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lost years, friends and family. Bounced back, and still fighting...


Croatian, English

Areas of Expertise

IT & Business Management, IT & Communications, Learn how to learn

An idea worth spreading

Many. Creative thinking. Improving memory. Learning easier. Distributing wealth better...

I'm passionate about

Learning, teaching, helping people, loving, caring, getting insight by listening, gainig insight by studying. Being a Human Being (as humanly possible)...


Economy University

Talk to me about

Don't. I'll talk back. And, as Snap said in the song, 'You don't won't that'. :-D

People don't know I'm good at

So many things. Let me count the ways...

Favorite talks