Victor Gomez

Barcelona, Spain

About Victor


The team from Funding4Learning have created the first worldwide crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to facilitate the financing of studies and educational projects around the world.

The numerous financial restrictions and lack of funding for education, specially in emerging countries, is a major problem that hasn't been addressed by both institutions and the media. This initiative, if successful, would create the starting point for cooperative educational funding solutions, like collective scholarship schemes.

Anyone can create a campaign where they tell their story and their goals, set a funding goal in accordance with the tuition fee, and offer interesting rewards to contributors. For instance, someone who wants to study graphic design might offer to design a logo for free. Funding4Learning allows users to create campaigns, share it with the online community through social networks, engage fans, track information about contributors, and collect money.

I think any initiative destined to develop the world's human capital is well worth the publicity!.