Gregory Grote

President, Poudre Education Association
Fort Collins, CO, United States

About Gregory


I am a 50-year-old recent divorcee who has devoted his adult life to making the world a better place. I am an educator by profession, but have many interests.
I have written two manuscripts (The Wows of Life--a series of stories that have made me go "Wow!" The theme from this book is about finding the magic in the ordinary. Definitions is a book that encourages people to think about what words and phrases mean--I visited with over 40 people of various ages, political and religious persuasions asking what words and phrases like; "War on terror", "God Bless America", "I love you", "Liberal", "Conservative" and many others meant to them.)
I am a new age philosopher.
I believe that God is the energy of the universe flowing through all things.
I am recently divorced,but have been fortunate to have found my soul mate.
I have two beautiful children.
I am a liberal, believing that society should be organized so as to benefit all.
I have a degree in Political Science, a teaching license (elementary level) and a master's degree in educational leadership.
I live by the credo, "Improving the world one personal interaction at a time!"
I love playing soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, volley ball and others.
I enjoy reading, hiking.
I have learned to go with the flow because of my divorce.
I have a major sweet tooth.
I love laughing, often looking for opportunities to make a funny
I have been very blessed in my life!


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

What if reality is a combination of thought and the energy of the universe? What if people were able to use their conscious thoughts to create their world? What if we thought about the "Big Bang" or creation of the universe, as the moment when a person is conceived? So that at conception a new universe is created. How would we teach youngsters if we believed that this was true? How would we organize our society? How would we govern ourselves or other? How would we relate to each other?
So many implications:>)

I'm passionate about

Making the world a better place. I am passionate when I am playing any sporting event. I am passionate about my children, family and soul mate.

Talk to me about

Anything. But especially New Age Philosophy. New ways for our society to organize and work together.

People don't know I'm good at

Thinking outside the box.

My TED story

I have spent the last 32 years trying to improve the world and understand God. In my quest for both of these things, I have become an educator, written books, worked on political campaigns, submitted ideas to governors, political parties and political candidates.
I have read the writings of many great thinkers.
Most recently I have thought about the Big Bang and find it intriguing to think that universes may be created every time someone is conceived. It is really about a change in perspective. A potential change in understanding. The implications are many.
I have also thought, how would we educate our young people if we accepted that humans are creative being and that we impact our world--literally, not just figuratively--if we utilize our thoughts.
There is always more to my TED story each day...

Comments & conversations

Gregory Grote
Posted almost 4 years ago
How do we reform education?
Reforming education--this should be transforming education--is a complex process. I propose that our culture focus its efforts on supporting the family so as to support the primary unit by which people survive and relate. I define family quite loosely--man, woman and kids, single parent families, gay couples with kids, multi-generational families, etc. My idea would have all of the institutions focus on the needs of families, so they have the support they need to provide for their children. Here are some examples of how this would work: Schools would adjust their schedules so kids would be in school longer (during the day and year) Businesses would adjust their schedules and pay structures so that parents can support their children and spend time with them. Churches of all denominations would focus on providing support to local families. Health care facilities would provide services at a rate that families could afford. Political leaders would think about how all legislation support families. All adults would behave in ways that they would like to see their children behave--supportive, honest, caring, kind, considerate and so on. Educational transformation, to be effective, needs to be comprehensive and inclusive--which may make it impossible. But it is worth the effort!