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San Antonio, TX, United States

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Gus Serra
Posted about 4 years ago
Do the creators of advertising have any obligation other than to drive results for clients?
Interesting post James, "I think this really helps us answer Charles's question. The only responsibility you have is one which you enter into consciously and seriously, eg: like a paid contract! Strikes me as pretty obvious that the only responsibility of An maker is to the Advertiser they have contracted with." So James: Following your logic, if someone accepted a contract "snuff you out of existence", their only responsibility is to the client that requested the hit... AND, since you are "Not sure a "Citizen" has any "Responsibility" to a non-existant vague blob called "Society".", your murderer should be allowed to bear no responsibility for his actions since the "vague blob called Society" should not take a Moral or Ethical stand against such behavior. Hmmmm, Very interesting point of view James.