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Vancouver, Canada

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Stephanie Marian
Posted about 4 years ago
What will you do with your aging parents?
This is a painful issue for any adult child to face. Cultural differences play a role in how we confront this issue but also available health care. A further significant influence is the sort of relationship you have had with your parents. I'm not going to weigh in on the bigger question but more specifically about the wonderful "universal health care" that Canada offers. I have considerable experience of both the Canadian and British systems, their supposed universal health care. To be fair I have to say that there have been some examples of exemplary care, particularly some individuals that have tried to overcome the immense limitations of a flawed system. But, and this is the crux of the matter, what Canada offers to it's elderly is not health "care" and more closely resembles systematic abuse. Prisoners receive more consideration, attention and support than our elderly. The system is underfunded, not fit for purpose and provides ghettos of death and decay for the elderly. They are understaffed, hugely undertrained and the wages are appalling. The same is true in the UK and probably in other countries too. Residents of care homes sit in their own waste for hours, sitting staring into their bleak future starved of real human contact, mocked and barely tolerated by many of the carers who are doing this work because it is all that they can do, the bottom of the employement ladder. .. The best thing you can do for your parents is to care for them yourself, nothwithstanding the substantial sacrifices this entails. Failing that, insulate yourself and them from needing to rely on their government to be compassionate by saving money for this time. Money allows you to get help, keep them at home perhaps or pay for potentialy better, private care.