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My goal in life is to leave the world having changed it for the better, I'm sure I come up with world changing ideas every day but maybe that is a delusion that I'm unaware of. I am basically a young person who has a pretty extroverted understanding of the world, althoough in my opinions I'm occasionally passionate about moral issues. my 18th birthday was on 23rd of May 2011. I have a pretty short attention span and sporadic short term memory loss probably a result of having been a habitual weed smoker for 2 and a half years from age 15-17 which i suppose would be a negative mark on my record for most, but if we can cast pre concepitons aside and focus on the matters at hand. I have never liked school and have preferred learning from the school of life or maybe my teachers were crap, I am a minority child if thats relevant. I think if you include me in discussions i will be able to give opinion's and response to what is infront of me that you will come to value. I think I will keep this short because im not sure how important gabbing on about my self is for this community of people. I hope that someone will recognise me and help to bring me onboard or give me some teachings.



Areas of Expertise

Deep Thinker

An idea worth spreading

Increase awesome and decrease world suck is actually a pretty good one. Its from nerdfighters website Im not a member of that currently though (26/05/2011). An idea worth spreading eh, there is many maybe we should write a list and then go about "spreading" the idea list jam on the world that is the metaphorical toast.

Talk to me about

your problems im good at solving problems and coming up with creative ways to solve problems. And also talk to me about anything you want.

People don't know I'm good at

everything, practice makes perfect. Although in terms of stuff im good at i would say im more like a hidden dragon

My TED story

Im am the hidden dragon invoke me for my eternal wisdom.

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Paia Te Rangi Pardoe
Posted about 4 years ago
What do you think a teenager should do when he is interested in so many things that he cannot settle for any option for his future?
I have the same problem. My mum said just do something in the meantime, I think that its especially hard in the current world because there is so many choices for a person in our position, for me i have saved enough money in several months to travel all over the place and i have a few contacts in thailand and egypt which means i can stay there for a pretty long time basically free accomodation and in 3 months i earned more than thier average yearly wage. I dont think this is helpfull at all but im in the same position and im starting to think helping the poor like this guy is something decent to do...
Paia Te Rangi Pardoe
Posted about 4 years ago
Wealth and power have been our conventional measures of success. What definition will better sustain us now and how can we move into it?
Sorry about the scattered answer but i didnt really want to spend a lot of time I wanted to get some ideas out there wealth and power's pinnacle has already been reched by certain men and women who hold fortunes large enough to support entire third world communitys by building them basic unfrastructure, some people hold enough wealth to support many. some people have earned their welath making other people poorer. I think that wealth is a good thing to have but greed is quite a dangerous trait. Maybe we could define success as an end to our own dissatisfaction with our personal life. Maybe a new measure of success could be to not be narrow mindded and measure success when infact you were born in a 1st world country which automatially makesyou successful. What im saying i guess is success could be measured in modesty and humbleness while at the same time expressing yourself fully and striving to attain a certain standard of living. Maybe sucess could be measured in lack of desire to be that rich person. There are many different measures of success and the scattered nature of my article indicates how complex the true answer to the question really is because there is many influencial factors. one for example is which values does your success abide to. I think a good definition of success is when the human race succeeds as one. Sorry about the scattered answer again, was it hard to follow because if so i will work to improve my writng and editing, feedback would be great.