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Mary Kathryn Simon
Posted almost 3 years ago
Long term relationships with plants
Very interesting idea that Cody has about plants and relationships! Cody, what kind of plants have taught you this? I am very curious and interested. My own experience with plants has been full of life lessons as well. @Lynn, I hear you! YES to the poison ivy and once is enough. My general thoughts having just planted a garden last week is that it takes so much TLC: thought, planning, care, constant attention and love, hope and compassion, forgiveness and letting go when things don't turn out as planned...IMAGINE if we all put as much TLC and blind faith and hope and pure energy into our relationships as we do with our plants and our's that ideal vision where everyone and everything would be cared for, no matter how vulnerable it makes one feel. Long days of gardening have left me greatly vulnerable, and greatly gratified. Guess it's a process that goes hand in hand. And by the way, plants DO get jealous! LOL!