Taqwa Salah Warrag

Khartoum, Sudan

About Taqwa


The hardest thing you could do is talking about yourself! Still looking for who I am but i may describe myself as: Ambitioner, a dreamer, Paulo Coelho lover, an introvert person, Coldplayaholic, FrankSinatraholic, Bookaholic, different ! And I dont mind not being cool. I write alot! ALOT! Silly random writings but I adore them anyway. Fresh I.T graduate. I talk to myself out loud a lot! insane !!! http://www.43things.com/person/Taqwa_Salah/entries

I'm passionate about

spirituality speaking, books , traveling , technology, writing.

Talk to me about

Green I.T , books, songs, goals & dreams.

People don't know I'm good at

cheering up! , motivational speak

Favorite talks

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