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Houston, TX, United States

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Melissa Maxwell
Posted about 4 years ago
Did you see CNN's documentary Don't Fail Me by Soledad O'Brien? What was your response?
I watched the Soledad O'Brien report on education and the focus, or should we say lack of focus, on math and science. I have something to say about this. While many of the comments written here are valid, this was something I noticed and got under my skin. The word "NERD" kept coming up by students. This bothered me. I hear people making comments constantly about people who work or study in those fields, saying "Oh, they must be a nerd." This is juvenile! I think as a society we need to stop saying that and realize that things like math, science and computers are cool. I know when my nephew was in school, I got angry with him because he had the opportunity to be in AP classes, but he opted out because he did not want to be labeled as a "NERD" and didn't want to be in all classes with them. He was so afraid of not having a social life. This ticked me off! I hope this is not the case with most students as to why they drop out of these courses or not try at all. Being cool in school, I guess is still pretty relevant to most teens, but this is your education and future that you are messing with all because you don't want to be labeled a "NERD". These are the jobs of today and the future. Trust me, it is not going to be cool, when you are 30-40-50 years old and you don't have the skills you need for a job. Can you say, "Would you like fries with that?" Remember and say it with me, "SMART IS COOL!"