Alexandra Elbakyan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Alexandra Elbakyan
Posted about 4 years ago
Is it possible to upload/download your conscience/memories to/from a computer?
>> I immediately had a viision of sitting down with each of my parents and asking them questions, interacting with their consciousness directly, perhaps actually "viewing" the experiences that shaped their lives, knowing all that was unspoken. Actually, I have the same vision and did dome research to understand how it could be implemented (see these links, Unfortunately, serious research and studies take a lot of time and hence need to be paid for. I tried applying for graduate school at MIT so I could continue my studies, but the competition was very high, and I didn't get through. Studies that promise some cure for some disease like psychiatric diseases or blindness are much easier to fund of course. (BTW, consciousness-related approach also has potential to be helpful against blindness, but implementation in this case is not as straightforward and primitive as with Dr. Boyden's optogenetics) Regarding Dr. Boyden's talk, I doubt this approach can be in any way helpful for anything beyond the most primitive things. Forget about consciousness when optogenetics is involved.