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Saskatoon, Sk, Canada

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Fred Reibin
Posted almost 4 years ago
Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness
Ryokan, a Japanese Zen master, lived alone in a hut at the foot of a mountain. He lived in abject poverty, eating local plants and the rice that neighboring farmers would sometimes give him. One evening while Ryokan was out, a thief entered his home looking for something to take. but discovered that there was absolutely nothing to steal in the hut. At this point Ryokan returned from his walk and caught the thief searching the room. He approached the thief and warmly shook his hand. The thief was so surprised. Ryokan told the prowler, "You must have come a long way to visit me, and you shouldn't leave empty-handed." Ryokan looked around the empty room, but he too couldn't find anything to give him, so he took off his only robe and handed it to the robber. "Please, take my clothes as a gift," Ryokan said. The thief was too astonished to say anything, and he took the robe and slunk away into the cold night. Ryokan sat naked and gazed at the full moon through the window. "Poor fellow," he mused, "I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon."