Hiedi Handford

Owner/Editor-In-Chief, Montana Connect Magazine
Lincoln, MT, United States

About Hiedi

An idea worth spreading

Cannabis is GOOD Medicine! My business partner with another company - Medical Cannabis Solutions - is Irvin Rosenfeld, Federal Medical Cannabis patient for 28+ years now. Cannabis was made illegal almost 75 years ago because of racial prejudice - and companies like DuPont and Hearst. Cannabis was used as medicine for THOUSANDS of years before it was taken away from our pharmacopeia back in 1937 by Harry J Anslinger.

In Montana - I own Montana Connect magazine - a trade publication for the medical cannabis industry. My goal and intent is to bring integrity and credibility to the medical cannabis industry - one baby step at a time......

I'm passionate about

Medical Cannabis - I have been a medical cannabis patient in Montana since July of 2009. Through my education re: this wonderful plant - I have become an activist and magazine owner.

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