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Carlos Del Carpio
Posted about 3 years ago
Judaism - Christianity - Islam
I think the question will always come down to Jesus. Although they all believe in the same god, that god sent his only son to be the sacrifice for their sins; only reason being was that the custom of the ancient Israelites was to make the best sacrifice possible for atonement of their sins. Jesus had to be sent in order to be the perfect sacrifice and no one else had to make sacrifices to be forgiven of their sin. At the same time this is only a consequence of the plan that God had. His sole purpose for sending His son was to get people a way back to Him. My last comment is this: all of history, artifacts, stories, and research point to a holy man, Jesus. My problem with these religions is that they choose to say what God did and did not say, did or did not do. He does proclaim a savior from early in the Bible and He sends Him, just like every other promise, and fulfills the promise.