Richard Gaskin

President, Non Profit
Montclair, NJ, United States

About Richard


In 1987, I was shot. The bullet severed my spine leaving me unable to walk. I was a local DJ, and aspiring artist, who was on the fast track to making a career for myself. I also was becoming proficient in Hung Gar Kung-Fu, which taught me the discipline he needed to succeed. As the years went by, it occurred to me that turning his music into a message for young people could encourage them to stay focused and follow their dreams, while avoiding the many pitfalls in life. In 2005, after doing a tribute song to Christopher Reeve, a hero of his, Richard was invited by the Christopher Reeve Foundation to perform at the Capitol Building in the company of Dana Reeve, Hillary Clinton, and other senators.politicians, many renown doctors. Since then, I have been asked to perform at various venues related to paralysis, and has taken part in round table discussions and gala events with New Jersey’s Governor Corzine, and Governor Cody, as well Michael J. Fox, and other celebrities who are fighting for research needed to cure paralysis and other degenerative diseases. In addition to my appearances, I have founded an non-profit organization called,the “I Believe Inc”. The purpose of the foundation is to promote awareness of the research being done and currently needed to help cure the diseases and conditions that affect me, and so many others. This is done by utilizing technology, to make informative presentations, and to spread the word via mediums such as audio, video, and the web. This method, in conjunction with live performances, will go a long way to getting people involved in such an important cause.



Areas of Expertise

Video Editing, Advocacy & activism, Journalisim, Motivation and Inspiration Public Speaking

An idea worth spreading

I want to create an online TV Network for people with disabilities. A 24/7 show filled with a collaboration of organizations, entertainers, inventors, activist and more , who will deliver and brig awareness to disability needs and issues.

I'm passionate about

Helping people with disabilities find resources and events to improve their quality of life.

Talk to me about

Funding my work to help others who are disable.

People don't know I'm good at

Video editing, writing, directing, performing and advocating.

My TED story

With TED, I hope those who can help me , will support my cause. Normal television has never shown or have a network that relates to the needs and dreams of people with disabilities. I want to provide them with shows like American Idol, MTV, Life issues, comedy shows and educational content for people with disabilities. Click on my LINK I BELIEVE TV to see what it is I will do.