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Oslo, Norway

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Staal Orm
Posted about 4 years ago
How do we kill 'islamophobia' and 'anti-Semitism'?
There is no Islamophobia there is the new deeper understanding that the religion of Islam is a doctrine, a way of life, an ideology cloaked in religious rythm that is counter to all what a modern civilized human should follow. The rise of the Internet has allowed the dissemination of the full and true texts of Islam and more and more people get to understand by studying these hadiths an suras just how caustic and dangerous Islam is for human development and enlightment. In the last 100 years we challenged Christianity and it is now nicely tucked away in dusty churces to fade away over time like the fairytale it really was. The same process is now starting on Islam. Slowly the "arabic" world will lean away from ideology and religious badness and embrace enlightenment. In a generation their children will smile behind their hands when the old people talk about muhammeds ride on a winged donkey to heaven, just as we do today when the old talk about jesus ascending to heaven and waking up from the dead. You should join us too.