Erik Van Rompay

President & CEO/ Founder, president - Gutenberg Technology
Paris, France

About Erik


President of 2 innovative companies focused on e-Learning and e-Books.

The first company is completely dedicated to create new ways in writing content.
The second company is dedicated to the display of content - "WODE" - written once and displayed everywhere (textbooks - web - iPAD....)

Préviously held several CEO/COO positions launching major internet companies (ebusiness, mobile operators...).

I have an engineering background but slided to a CEO position (managing budgets, finance, sales...)


Dutch, English, French

Areas of Expertise

Management and business leadership, Turnaround Management, Web & Internet

An idea worth spreading

We can only create a better world if we try every day

I'm passionate about

Innovation and implementing new ways to do things

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Internet, new technologies, e-Learning

People don't know I'm good at

highly engaged in helping business leaders

My TED story

Highly engaged to help business leaders to innovate and succeed

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