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Sales Agent, Plus One company
Loveland, CO, United States

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I am an individual with a very interesting past, originally associated with Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, other wise known as Polygamy. Hardships, life experiences, and extreme challenges were in my past, however everyone has some extreme experience of their past. I have a unique perspective on the world, and this perspective can leave me quite alone at times, but its an understanding of unity. I realize that for this world to move to the direction we really want, we must unify. But our beliefs tend to make many of us feel that we cannot be one with someone with opposite beliefs. But the reality is we all live in this world, and we all breath the air. There will always be the acception to the rule, but a majority is what we need. These are a few of my points of view, and help describe who I am as an individual, but really I just want to see us move into this next generation with our great great grandchildren in mind.

An idea worth spreading

My idea is to find the music that can simulate the effects that drugs have on our society. When I say the effect drugs have, I am speaking of Marijuana, Ecstasy, and any others that give the feeling of the ahh* moment; or an experience to carry for the rest of our lives. I believe if we can find this music, than we can lose our addiction to these things we crave, and in place have a real mind bending experience that is safe, and that awakens the soul in a meaningful way. (I am speaking to the drug induced handicapped folks out there) Then perhaps we may take it a step further, and cure diseases with a frequency, communicate through our minds with a vibration. Of course these ideas all are dreams, and hence can be reality only through research, trial and error, and my belief.

I'm passionate about

Music. Lately I have found myself in front of a stumbling block, a road block of sorts. My passion extends to the utmost when considering music, but my direction is obscured.

Talk to me about

Share your ideas with me about music and the frequency thereof. I will be honest, I am not a genius, but I can study, and so if you have ideas to support my hypothesis, let me know so I can process.

People don't know I'm good at

Have you ever thought for a moment you could read minds? Perhaps Interpreting signals from all five senses, and even the sixth... Its one thing to know, its quite another to prove it.

My TED story

I work for a company called plus 1. This is a direct marketing company that answers phone calls from infomercials. Now off the bat you may assume that this is the standard cliché, call center job; but the reality is that this company has opened my eyes to my possibilities. Lets just say that Plus 1 in theory is an ongoing presumption. With the plus 1 method, there is always that next sale, there is always one more thing you can do, no matter where your limits lie now. And so with that in mind, this company is a phenomenon in the action world. The philosiphy is to do only what you can do, and let go of whats out of your control. One of my fellow employees posted a Ted Talks video on our company facebook page, and when I listened and watched what is happening everywhere, I realized this is a venue for me to express my ideas and be a part of this movement that is happening faster and faster everyday. Whether or not it happens is irrelevant, I will continue my search forever.

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Samuel Icke
Posted almost 3 years ago
Healing by Sound
I understand what you are saying, however I am no scientist, only a fellow musician. I have had the same thought for years, and I really believe that not only can music heal our mind, body and soul, but it can be a means for non verbal communication in understanding vibrations. I too am on a search to discover this answer, but I am searching for the right combination of vibrations. To me, the first step is taking the soul grinding feeling we get when we hear a song, and amplifying 10 fold. I know its possible, I just don't understand the process yet.
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Samuel Icke
Posted almost 3 years ago
Do you have a story where yours or someone's smile totally changed the outcome of an unpleasant situation?
I have a job where I talk on the phone all day. I answer calls, and convert those calls to sales. Now in my job, its easy to get into a rut, because if I take 5 calls, and each of those calls are no's, I can fall into a slump. But one day as I was working, I had taken several calls that were no, after no, and finally after falling into a slump myself, something in my head clicked (especially from all the training), I thought to myself, "on my next call, I will smile throughout the duration of this call, no matter the outcome." The reality is, the person a spoke to picked up on my smile, and so she to smiled, and listened to what I had to say. It turned into a sale, and the next 5 calls were all sales. The power of the smile is amazing, what we must remember is to use it, smile even when things are hard to comprehend. Smiling demands the answers to our dilemmas.