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Posted about 4 years ago
Reading science fiction for a more critical view of our society?
Most science-fiction works deal with classic themes that have a lot to to do with the writer's society and its trends : Novels about mutants, like Slan by A.E. Van Vogt, are often about racism and intolerance. Novels about androids, like Tower of Glass by Robert Silverberg or Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick, speak indeed of slavery and civil rights. Remember these novels were written around 1970 (not long after the Civil Right Act) In the novels of the Robot cycle by Asimov, you can notice the relationship between Terrans and Spatians recall those between Europe and America (with a quite critical point of view). What about Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and the dictatorship of television in our society? In brilliant works like Frank Herbert's Dune or Dan Simmons's Hyperion you can find the theme of religion and fanatism, which sounds very "contemporary" Some anticipation authors, like Frenchman Pierre Bordage in Wang, also imagined what kind of hell our world could become in the following decades based on the current trends. So, I'd say, of course science-fiction is full of references. Either explicit ones like in anticipation, or through similar contexts or through myths, like in long-term science-fiction. And it can (should) be used to ponder on our own societies. I think the authors meant it. Not only for teenagers.