Umut Mustafa Gocmen

Creative Copywriter, TEDxAlsancak
Istanbul, Turkey

About Umut Mustafa

Areas of Expertise

User Experience , Mobile Advertising, Creative Copywriting, Digital Advertising and Branding, Pop Culture Engineering

An idea worth spreading

Organizing the 1st TEDx event in my hometown (Izmir)

I'm passionate about

Soccer, digital marketing, storytelling, mobile advertising.

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking and literature.

My TED story

TEDxAlsancak is the only & first TEDx event of Izmir and reached more than 7.000.000 people in 2 years.

Comments & conversations

Umut Mustafa Gocmen
Posted over 1 year ago
Twitter is blocked in Turkey. What's next?
Government leaders must accept that they do not have the power to prevent conversations from taking place. They only have the choice of whether to participate in them. And you can be sure that if people are banned from social media they will find other ways to voice their opinions. / Douglas Frantz