About Justin


I completed my undergraduate studies in Biotechnology and postgraduate in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management at University of Cape Town, South Africa. Which I thought would marry my two passions of biological processes/technologies and entrepreneurship.

Startups, Google and Biomimicry

My time since then has taken me on a wonderful journey from launching (and failing) a Biotech startup, which resulted in me falling into the local IT startup scene in Cape Town - being caught and supported by fellow entrepreneurs there - due to the lack of an existing biotech startup community in the region, this is the defecto entrepreneur ecosystem.init was with my efforts in furthering my own ideas and supporting fellow entrepreneurs that lead me onto setting up and co-coordinating Google's tech incubator, pitting me on the others side of the investment table and following my passion of enabling others.

-- i am now back in the biotech space, and working on ecological or biological solutions for addressing solid and liquidate in informal communites (informal markets) through an organization, Biomimicry SA

Marine expedition up East Africa

After my stint at Google I embarked on a marine expedition (www.movingsushi.com) where we aimed to capture object, accurate and large-scale data on the state of the East African coral reef ecosystems. Which we successfully completd, resulting in 112km of reef and 230 000 fish analyzed. We releases this data for free under the creative comms license and built a visualization platfrom to better communicate the underlying information.

-- I am now looking for broadcasters to commission an edit for a documentary of our efforts here.

Community involvement

I have a passion for communities and enabling others, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship and working with others creating positive change in this world

- TEDxCapeTown, co-founder and curator
- Mandela Washington Fellowship, Young African Leader Initiative
- WEF Global Shaper


Afrikaans, English, French

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2014

Areas of Expertise

Innovation - Cross Industry Value, Entrepreneur

An idea worth spreading

If for one day, everyone stopped what they were doing and just did what they're most passionate about, without any distractions or need to do anything else.
After doing this for one day, everyone will realize that this one day can in fact be every day. They just need to make the choice.

I'm passionate about

Following my life philosophy :)

Have Fun. Create Value. Change Lives.

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Startups and entrepreneurship, triathlons and other endurance sport, hiking and the wilderness, communities that drive change

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