Brandur Karlss

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Brandur Karlss
Posted about 4 years ago
If I had 100% of your genes and 100% of your environmental experience I would be you.
It's a question of definition, What is 'you' as opposed to 'me' ?, what is 'will' and what is it free from? Try to imagine all that is floating through your mind right now, are you aware of all of it or is your awareness limited? Are you the limited awareness or are you the whole body, or something more or something less? You might stretch 'you' even further to include multitudes. So defining 'you' & 'me' becomes a question of choosing a point of view or frame of reference. Seen through the widest frame possible you and me are parts of the same 'thing' in a similar way a finger and a toe can be parts of the same body... I think that our limited awareness creates the illusion of the self as a survival mechanism which has evolved as a way to prioritize needs and methods of fulfillment. Once you let go of your attachments you begin to realize that we are all one groovy happening. Then the question of you vs. me becomes simply a question for linguistics..