Nat Al-Tahhan

Designer/illustrator, Nat Alt Design
Bristol, United Kingdom

About Nat


Art Director at Opposable Games, freelance designer, and curator of TEDxBristol.

A multidisciplinary designer/artist with experience in graphic design, video game development and illustration. Provided visual note-taking at TED2012.

Believes the best conversations happen when industries collide.



TED Conference


Areas of Expertise

Illustration, Graphic Design, User Interface Design, Video Game Art (2d), Visual note-taking, character design

An idea worth spreading

The use of games to enrich and inform people about the world around them, with the focus on a fun and engaging experience first.

Opposable Games have done work with the Wellcome Trust on biomedical games, and by focusing on providing a fun experience, people of all ages have engaged with the science portrayed without feeling like they're being lectured.

I'm passionate about

Design, games, science, lifting heavy things.

Talk to me about

Visual note-taking, science, weight-lifting, obtaining a cyborg arm.

People don't know I'm good at

Fixing computers.

My TED story

Curator & organiser at TEDxBristol 2013
Visual note-taking at TED2012
Design & visual note-taking at TEDxBristol 2012
Visual note-taking at TEDxYouth@Bath 2012
Design & visual note-taking at TEDxBristol 2011
Design & visual note-taking at TEDxYouth@Bath 2011

Favorite talks