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Sharon Stevenson
Posted about 2 years ago
David Gallo: Deep ocean mysteries and wonders
Great, just great! And hey, re the mock iBook presentation flair. I WANT ONE!! Here's hoping you produce an iBook, eBook, whatever out of this, Dave! It would be just so useful to so many science teachers and ordinary curious folks like myself. I was almost drooling to see more of the squids and jellyfishies. I'd give you a great big hug if I could!! Can't believe I haven't seen/heard of you before. An iBook, an iBook, a kingdom for an iBook!!
Sharon Stevenson
Posted almost 3 years ago
LIVE CHAT with Mike Matas: Monday, May 2nd, 1PM-2:30PM EST *UPDATE: Extended through May 6th*
Mike, what you, Gore, et al. are creating is an expanded Experience-bequeathing Exposition: an Experion. Or whatever. As such, you're going far beyond provoking the imagination and sense of experience that a treasured book does so often. But I believe at least as you've begun with Gore and Choice, you're selling yourselves short. You're way beyond "informing" or "information" that you indicated as your contribution in a post here. You're in the wondrous land of Learning and Knowledge generation. Although I'm hardcore Apple, here I have to give a credit nod to Google and their signature requirements: accessibility and usefulness. Particularly for non-experts, ordinary folk, which is vast for Our Choice, the visual tools and ease of use make a convoluted, controversial topic such as climate change, understandable, i.e., assimilable. It is learning and knowledge we can use to better our lives, that should be the desired result, product, value of technology. For only with learning creating knowledge and understanding, can we act to make our own lives and by extension our world better and better. Certainly Al Gore wants us to above all learn and understand Climate Change and with that knowledge—Act: in this case, vote, write letters, convince others, etc. Many other people working with PPP will want to empower people as well in their own realms. Push Pop Press' promise to me is not just "informing," but providing real comprehension through these Experions or whatever you choose to call them. Congrats on an invention of real societal merit!