Henk Steyn

Technical Director, Mouchel
Soutminster, United Kingdom

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Results driven, delivery focused and internationally experienced senior project and programme management and engineering specialist with over ten years highly acclaimed executive level results year on year. Track record of excellence over 30+ years delivering profit focused operational improvements within broad civil and commercial engineering sector contributing to individual skills development, team dynamics and bottom line performance. Demonstrable expertise in client management, supply chain and alignment of solutions to client needs as well as commercial acumen, quality and process improvement.

Tenacious achiever of people, project and engineering related challenges with proven ability to conceptualise and translate strategy into workable and understandable objectives that motivate colleagues and delight clients. Inspirational team leader with collaborative and facilitative management style. Engineering strategy thought leader reporting at Board level with experience underpinned by operational hands-on approach.

Business Development * Key Account Management * Proposition Development * Relationship Management Revenue Generation * Service Delivery * Strategy Direction * Process Optimisation * Expectation Management Supply Chain Management * Persuasive Communicator * Stakeholder Relationship * Management Reporting People Management * Quality Assurance (QMS) * Cost Management * Team Leadership * Bid Management Resource Management * Dynamic Presenter * Board-Level Influence * Budget Management
Project Life Cycle * Problem Resolution * Coaching and Mentoring


Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Xhosa, Zulu

Areas of Expertise

Business process re-engineering, Renewable and Alternative Energy, Innovation, Leadership Development, People Management, Civil Engeneering, Philisophy, strategy & planing

I'm passionate about

People Behaviour
Leadership and Leadership Development
Renewable and Alternative Energy

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People don't know I'm good at

1. Tthe ability to past small snippets of information, seemingly unrelated, to form a picture of a situation and determine the future outcome.
2. Complex Thoeries into Simple Practical Actions

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Henk Steyn
Posted almost 4 years ago
What does it take to make the youth take charge and feel responsible for their own initiatives?
We started about 30 years ago to play on behalf of our children. We developed the toys and all the entertainment and commercialised everything. We all know very good examples of this including electronic games. You will find very few households where Popular Mechanics for example is available to the children and where children build their own toys using equipment like Meccano or the likes, instead they are entertained by the TV, electronic games and toys for which the interest lasts for a few days before it land in a box in the attic. All passive, no think8ing or creativity involved as the adults already did it for them. If you read the rest of the blog you will see how everybody is trying to think of ways to get the youth to do something and all of this is again organised by adults who do all the thinking and the development of the ideas and the youth become the passive followers of what the adults dish up. The Solution starts at a very early stage in a child’s life by not giving them passive toys. We should provide them with the tools to be creative and develop their own toys and entertain themselves and when they struggle we should let them as that develops their thinking abilities and as soon as they taste success they go on a roll and the process of development starts and lasts their entire lives, so we don’t have to break our heads to try and create stuff to solve the problem we have create.
Henk Steyn
Posted almost 4 years ago
What does it take to make the youth take charge and feel responsible for their own initiatives?
I think that all the solutions and the trend of thinking is what caused the problem in the first place. We as adults are destroying the creativity and values of the youth by the fact that we do the thinking on their behalf and we are giving the well thought through adult entertainment and development that stop them from creating their own environment and use their own ideas to entertain themselves and to explore, learn create and develop their minds. This starts as early as few month old and continue until we have a problem in that we are sitting with individuals that don’t know how to conduct themselves and are dependent on the next stimulus from the adult world and mind. What is required is for us to allow children to learn create and entertain themselves from a very early age, within limits of cause, but we should stop deciding how they should learn, develop and grow up. The next very important thing is to lead them in the right direction but not doing it for them like we do now and we should allow them to explore and experience the world and all we have to do is to set the limits to prevent disasters. By setting the limits we give them a limit to push against and we than push back until we are sure they are ready to move the set limits and then we allow them to success. Discipline and respect is the building blocks of all of this but we have chosen to let these aspects drop with the obvious disastrous consequences. We have gone wrong so far that we cannot even imagine what it should be like and thus the fact that we are continuing to think and do in the same way that created the problem in the first place. This is a very complex subject and if we don’t start thinking in a different way we will never solve the problem and will infect worsen the situation.