Marko Tomašević

Student, Highschool
Našice, Croatia

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Personäliche Daten
Vor- und Nachname: Marko Tomašević
Anschrift: Jakov Gotovac Straße 2
31500 Našice
Tel: 00385-(0)31-613227

Geburtsdatum und Geburtsort: 2. Jun 1992 in Zagreb
Staatsangehörigkeit: kroatisch

Schulbildung: Grundschule Dora Pejačević, Našice (1999 – 2008)
Musikschule Kontesa Dora Pejačević, Našice (2001-2008)

Praktikum: Kein

Sonstige Qualifikationen
Fremdsprachen: Englisch
Besondere Kenntnisse: MS Office (Power Point, Word)

Hobbys: Musik, Sport (Basketball)


Croatian, English

I'm passionate about

New ideas and practical solutions, meeting interesting and hard-working people, music, basketball.

Talk to me about

New energy solutions, new inventions, spiritual growth, new experiences considering music...

Comments & conversations

Marko Tomašević
Posted over 3 years ago
The explanation of why all people "feel" the pentatonic scale
Music written in pentatonic scale naturally soothes us, because the harmonic series is a natural thing, obviously has sth to do with the very essence of all around us. We are a part of this universe, so that is a very logical answer I think. However, try viewing music from a different perspective. You could judge music according to music theory (meaning that could show you some facts about it),but that is completely senseless,art in general cannot be "measured". How one experiences music is subjective, and I don`t believe anyone should tell anybody how "good" a certain piece of music is. You can only learn LISTENING, really listening to music,and learn about playing and instrument etc. Through open mind and a will to learn you will most certainly get to know more beautiful music. This is a jaw dropping TED video about listening to music:
Marko Tomašević
Posted over 3 years ago
An emphasis on technology actually reduces the amount of learning.
Here`s a story of my experience on using technology in learning. I`m a student, first year of college (electrical and information engineering). We use Power Point presentations on most of our classes, and we also used it on some classes while I was still in high school. ALL of my classmates find them NOT helpful. PP is maybe great for professors because they save time not writing on blackboard, but it surely isn`t for us students. Using PP in learning on a regular basis results in NOT going into depth. Especially in eg. physics, math, logics - where one has to practice resolving problems. The best way to do that is firstly to observe your professor resolving eg. a math problem, then trying it for yourself, hundreds of times. Proven a million times.