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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Tom Lambert
Posted over 3 years ago
Neil Pasricha: What do you do to make your life awesome?
I want to talk about what I would like to do to make my life awesome in the future. # I want to make the people around me happy, so that they can reflect that back to me. # I want to think about an idea, and become so consumed by that every day I want to work on it to make it happen. # I want to write a list of things that I want to do with my life and then focus on doing and achieving them. # I want to learn to speak German, so I dont feel so ignorant when I visit new places. # I want to wake up in the morning, clap my hands together and say, Today, is going to be a great day - Dicky Fox, Jerry Maguire # I want to watch, listen to, read or create something each day that motivates and inspires me. # I want to eliminate negativity from my life. - Ric Elias, Ted Talks # I want to go out of my way to help someone once each week. On a Friday. - Danny Walace, Join Me That is all.