Adriaan Kamp

Director Foundation, Energy
Oslo, Norway

About Adriaan


Adriaan is presently leading a campaign on EnergyforOneWorld, has written a book (EnergyForOneWorld), a member of the Delphi Foundation (international think-tank on Energy matters), a speaker on World Energy matters, and has been accredited as a Servant Leader (by Greenleaf Servant Leadership).
Worked 24 years internationally (5 countries) as Up-stream oil and gas project and business manager for the International Shell Group and as private entrepreneur.
Adriaan’s track record includes the leadership over the successful execution and delivery of major industrial (engineering and energy) projects . He is an accredited Project Manager for large and complex engineering projects.
Adriaan ‘s background further combines Entrepreneuring, Business Development and Innovation with Excellence in Execution (Strategy, Execution, People).
Adriaan was born in Netherlands in 1961. Studied Applied Physics (M.Sc) at the University of Delft. Lives in Oslo and Overveen, has 2 sons and a babyboy, and hobbies include travelling, sports, business literature, spirituality/religion and a good conversation with family and friends.
Present Role: Director of Campaign and Foundation: EnergyforoneWorld(



Areas of Expertise

Leadership & strategy, World energy, Meditation & Natural Healing, Business Model Innovation, Business Development, Project Leadership

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creation. innovation. multi-party collaboration. joy. optimism. spirituality. fun. life. family. my children. my life partner

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World energy, business and politics. Leadership. Strategy and Innovation. Great places to eat out with my life partner and friends. Spirituality and the meaning of life.

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Be-Ing. meditation and "people energy work". intuition and creation. leading from within. .

My TED story

The ambition of “Energy for One World” campaign is to generate a new voice of hope, a new vision, and a new inspiration for essential decision making and action on the international energy challenge and transitions ahead.
The goals and purpose is to raise our common awareness that all nations and all people have a fundamental right for energy.
We all are in need of food, water, shelter, peace, jobs and a bit of prosperity and happiness.
To achieve these fundamental needs, we do need energy.
In order to supply the worlds growing population with those needs , we do have to smarten- up our mutual collaboration, sharing and energy system innovation.

We need:

1. New rules of engagement and organizational oversight. We need the establishment of a World Energy Council at the UN or at another authorized institution.
2. Energy transition management in the various developed and developing regions, countries, cities.
3. Roll-out of sustainable energy to the emerging and poor coun

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