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Chicago, IL, United States

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My given name is Luis Martinez, I am 26 years old and reside in Chicago IL. I attended Wright college after high school but did not finish because I joined the military when I was 19. I was a free spirit with hardly any direction at the time and the thought of living out the lost boy's life through the Army seduced me. I was stationed in South Korea for a year, then came back stateside to El Paso Texas. After my contract was completed, I headed back home to Chicago. I was once again in the situation of having no direction, and I had no responsibilities any more so it's safe to say I was down for a while. I needed something to keep me out of trouble so I enrolled in a sound recording program. While I was there I met lot's of great people, and Worked on some some pretty cool music and film projects. In fact I met my fiance through a film maker I worked with. Well I ended up dropping out of the school because I didn't like where it was going to take my life, I didn't feel passionate about it. I left that school and enrolled in a community college. I figured I should finish what started 4 years before. It has proven to be great step. I was a way more responsible student this time around, i really surprised myself. It is extremely motivating to get good grades, and not play hooky anymore. Now I am completing the prerequisites to enroll in the radiography program at Wright college. I'm happy to say that I have found direction now, and the further I go the easier it gets. I recently stared watching Ted Talks videos, and I saw that actual conversations were taking place, so I decided to join. Other than that, I'm just living my life curiously, empathetically, and willingly.


English, Spanish

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An idea worth spreading

We do not need any solutions, we need to stop creating a need for them.

I'm passionate about

My passion is in the ability to think and awaken others to a different perspective of the world. I love to think about my reality, and how it is shared with others in order to get a sense of purpose.

Talk to me about

Anything. I am open to learn everything.

People don't know I'm good at

People don't know I am good at interpreting dreams.

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Luis Martinez
Posted over 3 years ago
Who do you trust more to help you understand world events, the press, politicians or your friends/family, or someone/something else? Why?
Hi Alissa, This is a great question. It is hard to say if anyone trusts the news nowadays, or any source for that matter. With all of the sources of information these days, I think people are starting to trust themselves to try and find the most reliable source....If they so wish to. It is those who want the truth of a matter that see the news of the world as a sort of puzzle. In order to get the big picture, people have to get the pieces of information from many sources, then lay it all out and put it together. I myself am skeptical of many news sources, but then again I am new to the interest to local and global issues. i believe the trust that people give to their information source of choice is highly swayed by their environment. Just as they say a person is a product of their upbringing, so too is the choice they make for obtaining news. Many people I think just want something to talk about at the water cooler, and take the news at entertainment value. I think that explains the style in which local and nationwide broadcasts are presented; fast paced, and friendly reoccurring characters. I think some are mistaking opinion based discussions as news, and perhaps follow the news that best suits their way of thinking, and choice of political view. This is why I believe it is hard to pinpoint exactly who a person trusts. I trust in public non-corporate sponsored news. I think it weeds out the motives, and censorship that tags along as interest on the loan. Although I am new to seeking out news, I think public, and non profit news sources are the organizations I trust until I get the hang of searching for the puzzle pieces myself. have a great day.