Shokrullah Amiri

Program Officer for Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Pro, Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
Kabul, Afghanistan

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Bachelor in Entrepreneurship with 8 years of professional experience in development field.

Areas of Expertise

Social & Business Entrepreneurship Management, Enterprise Development

An idea worth spreading

We are all equal. It is all the matter of what opportunity is availed to learn and grow.

I'm passionate about

Entrepreneurship for social and business development.

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Poverty reduction. Small business

People don't know I'm good at

New ideas are my key weapon for solving problems.

My TED story

I get wonderful ideas from this website and I am personally impressed from TED speakers.

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Shokrullah Amiri
Posted over 2 years ago
Historically, guns were owned and justified because of slow, poor or no police service, but as long as police can deliver standard service, there is no need to own them. This law appears to be obsolete and needs to be changed.
Shokrullah Amiri
Posted over 2 years ago
Working children: should we prohibit, permit or promote it.
If the work is not stopping a child to study and not slowing the normal growth of their physically body, then they can work if and only it is required. Obviously, when it comes about child labor, their bodies are not strong enough to tolerate tough conditions of work, hence, resulting to abnormal growth of their body. Simultaneously, no education will restrict them to not grow professionally resulting to life time living in a similar condition. They are also not mature enough to decide accurately. In my country, children are working to stay alive, not a choice of living that way. Most of them lost their parents, or their family heads are not able to earn enough to feed and educate them.
Shokrullah Amiri
Posted over 2 years ago
How to be successful, Your tips!
Plan for success, it worked for me. It will motiviate you to think and act on that. And this will make you ready and will help you to recognize opportunities which will help you in getting that.