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Sydney, Australia

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Good day!

I was born in China, raised in Australia, and have lived in the USA for a year and in various European countries. Travelling and learning about different cultures are my passions. I've been to 32 countries so far (June 2013) and seriously have the goal of seeing every country in the world!

I'll soon start my Masters degree in theoretical physics. I love my studies, and aim to make my contribution in deepening humanity's understanding of the universe.

My other hobbies include hiking, crafting, classical music, reading, etc...and most importantly, helping people. I'm extremely openminded and am fully open to new experiences!

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Always go for the fun of it.

I'm passionate about

life, every aspect of it.

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anything in the universe - or even outside!

My TED story

I stumbled upon TED during one breakfast many years ago. Since then it started to accompany me through every breakfast, and lunch, and eventually every meal that I have to have on my own as a vagabond.

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Kyizom Lily Yichen Shi
Posted over 3 years ago
Emiliano Salinas: A civil response to violence
Do you really think that there are inspirational scientists today who don't speak English? What is the point of having a non-English talk that is no different from the rest? I believe that it is only when the subject is deeply related to a country, that a non-English TED talk is relevant, since in a sense, its ideas are emphasized through the language.