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Jonathan White
Posted about 4 years ago
Birke Baehr: What's wrong with our food system
Surely in a globalised world there is room for both organic farming and GM crops. Genetic modification is going to become a strong force in the agricultural world. Many of the arguments are based on asumptions and lack hard evidence. People say 'I don't want to eat GM crops because of the chemicals' but the point of GM crops is that you can increase yield and not have to use as many chemicals. There are some serious issues about the perception of the gene revolution and people who scare monger about health issues and the danger of food quality are preventing the movement from being even greater. Yes there are issues. Issues such as the increased price of seeds and the danger of promoting herbicide resistance but these issues can be overcome through research! Many people claim quite rightly that there is no global deficit in food but what about in ten or twenty years? Genetic Modification is an insurance policy which we can invest in to make sure the world can be fed. Developing crops which can grow in regions such as the Sahel or middle east areas could dramatically reduce starvation. Science is there to help us. Not to scare and control. That's what politics is for.